Moderation Bot Overview

The UP3T moderation bot is designed to enhance the security and user experience of your Discord server. With its unique features, it ensures that your community remains genuine and free from unwanted automated bots.

Key Features

Image-based Verification

  • New members are greeted with a fun and engaging image-based challenge.
  • They must correctly identify an image from a set of options to join the server.
  • This unique method ensures that only genuine users can participate in the community.

Reputation System

  • Users earn a reputation score based on their interactions.
  • Correctly completing challenges or positively contributing to the server can increase a user's reputation.
  • This system encourages positive behavior and helps in identifying trusted members.

Automated Cleanup

  • The bot ensures that any temporary data or channels used for verification are cleaned up promptly.
  • This keeps the server organized and free from clutter.

User-friendly Experience

  • The bot provides clear instructions and feedback to users.
  • In case of any issues or questions, users can easily reach out to moderators for assistance.


The UP3T moderation bot is a valuable addition to any Discord server. It not only enhances security but also provides an interactive and user-friendly experience for new members. With its innovative features, it ensures that your community remains vibrant, genuine, and secure.